Electronics Workbench

Electronics WorkbenchElectronics Workbench


My electronic workbench contains the equipment that I use for testing and debugging electronic projects. The equipment is stored on a hutch to help keep the workbench clear and usable. The hutch is made from Melamine shelving about 16 inches deep. 


The equipment on the hutch from top left to bottom right going across is as follows.

  • 2x 12V Power supplies
  • Function Generator
  • Oscilloscope
  • SMT hot air rework station
  • Dual channel adjustable power supply
  • Single channel adjustable power supply
  • Sourcemeter

The bench structure itself holds a set of drawers for storing hand tools, supplies and developmental kits.

Workbench with Drawers and HutchWorkbench with Drawers and Hutch