Ambrosia Maple Travel Mug

Here is a travel mug I made for my fiancée's birthday. The mug is based off of the
16oz Travel Mug Turning Kit. The wood is ambrosia maple. This was my first lathe project that I have done hollowing on.

Travel Mug Finished ClosedTravel Mug Finished Closed
Travel Mug Finished OpenTravel Mug Finished Open

Part of the process for hollowing the mug out involves drilling in from the end using a pair of large forstner drill bits to do the bulk material removal. Unfortunately, the old craftsman lathe I have doesn't have a tailstock chuck. So I ended up building an adapter plate to allow me to mount the tailstock from my 7x12 mini-lathe to my woodlathe. For a description of the tailstock adapter click here .

Mini Lathe Tailstock On Wood LatheMini Lathe Tailstock On Wood Lathe

First a hole is drilled in part way using a 1-7/8" Forstner to create the top pocket (exact distances described in the plan).
Travel Mug Large ForstnerTravel Mug Large Forstner
This is then followed with a smaller Forstner of 1-1/8" to make the deeper pocket.

Travel Mug Small ForstnerTravel Mug Small Forstner
The inside now has the stepped look.
Travel Mug SteppedTravel Mug Stepped
Using a half-round scraper I then removed created a smooth contour and expanded it slightly until it was sized to the insert.
Travel Mug Inside Rough TurnedTravel Mug Inside Rough Turned
The lip is turned down with a parting tool to match the insert and the area next to the insert is turned down to be flush with the metal. The rest was simply a matter of shaping the blank using a gouge followed by a chisel and then sanding.
Travel Mug Outside ProfileTravel Mug Outside Profile
Once parted off I finished using a glossy polyurethane spray coating and glued the insert in place.

One trick I found while test fitting the blank was that if it got stuck I could expand the wood slightly by spreading a small amount of water onto it. This would cause the wood to release its grip on the insert slightly and allow me to remove the insert.