Bird Desk Bookshelf

Here is a desk bookshelf I built for My Mom’s birthday using my homebuilt cnc machine. Both ends have the same pattern cut into them about 1/16” deep with a 45 degree router bit. The ends have 2 brass 1/4” rods coming out the bottom, spaced to match the hole pattern drilled in the base piece. The hole pattern is 2” spaced along the board and 3.5” apart along the short axis around the centerline.

My fiancée drew the pattern. She used the Smartnote app on the I pad with a stylus. The key to drawing on the ipad is to make use of the zoom feature while drawing to get the detail, since the stylus is a little less precise than would be ideal. The app lets you draw on many different backgrounds, the most useful ones being grid and spherical paper. The lines drawn are vector which is key to being able to convert the drawing to cnc paths effectively. To get the ipad drawing to the cnc requires a bit of manipulation. From smartnote, email the pdf. Once on my laptop I use “Any pdf to dwg converter” to convert the file into a DXF. I then open the DXF in cambam, scale the drawing properly and I add the machining operations. This then generates the gcode file that is loaded onto the cnc machine.

The edge has a 1/4” round over on all edges but the bottoms of all pieces.
Bird Bookcase Whole 2Bird Bookcase Whole 2