Brass Hammer

Here is a small brass hammer I built for situations where I need to apply some gentle persuasion to workpieces without marring them. Since the brass is softer than steel, it is much less likely to damage the project. Care must be taken with aluminum however since the brass can damage the aluminum.
Brass HammerBrass Hammer

The hammer is made of three pieces. The head and handle are both made out of 1/2" brass round stock. They are each cut off two inches long. The handle is tapped 1/4-20 axially through its end. The end is also given a light chamfer for aesthetics. The other end of the handle is given a very short chamfer to break the edge. The head of the hammer is tapped 1/4-20 radially into the center. The one end is given a short chamfer to break the edge, while the other is filed from two sides to provide a smaller surface. The shaft is made from a piece of 1/4-20 threaded rod that is 5 inches long. Below is a picture of the hammer disassembled.

Brass Hammer PartsBrass Hammer Parts

If you are interested in building one check out the plans.
Brass Hammer PlansBrass Hammer Plans