Fancy Nuts For Wood Lathe

In order to make it possible to use my wood lathe without needing to find/ use a wrench to make adjustments. The first fancy nut is used to allow me to lock down the tailstock. The nut is an aluminum cylinder with a tapered top and a hole tapped into the tapered portion. The handle for the nut is an aluminum rod with one end threaded.
Tailstock Fancy NutTailstock Fancy Nut

The second fancy nut is to hold the tool rest. The design for this one cannot increase the height of the threaded rod without reducing the effective swing of the lathe. To accomplish this the nut consist of a short piece of brass round stock with a hole drilled through the center. Two cross holes across from each other allow a piece of straight bar to be used to rotate the nut.

Fancy Nut for Tool RestFancy Nut for Tool Rest