Miniature Rotary Table

Here is a small rotary table I built based off of the plans in "Uncle" Dave Gingery's Shop Notebook. The table can be use for small indexing operations. I made the table clamp out of aluminum rather than steel and found that it doesn't hold quite as well as I would like. I may make a new piece out of steel at some point to keep it from slipping.

Miniature Rotary TableMiniature Rotary Table

One challenge I had in making this was attaching the table to the lathe. I tapped a set of M6 holes to match the spindle of my mini lathe I then attached the table piece to the spindle as though it were a chuck.

M6 Screws into TableM6 Screws into Table Table Stock On SpindleTable Stock On Spindle

For placing the holes in the table stock, I used the faceplate that came with the lathe. In order to center it on the table I machined a short piece of aluminum that fit inside the bore of the faceplate. I drilled a hole in the center to match the hole I had drilled in the center of the table. Using a post through the two holes aligned them. I then used a transfer punch to mark the holes locations.

Face Plate For Hole PatternFace Plate For Hole Pattern